The full body  armor will provide at least as much protection to both upper and lower torso as today’s system , but with more comfort, and greater flexibility to adjust based on the mission, Using latest techniques we really focused upon to be the next generation of body armor at a lighter weight. In addition to that Hard Shell really focusing on developing new body armor plates and a new head protection system.

The Full body armor consist of :-

  1. Concealable UnderShirt :-  Designed to be worn under a ballistic vest and offers more comfortable and  ballistic fragmentation protection. The shirt is moisture-wicking and has a degree of breathability.
  2. Ballistic Vest :-  Hard shell developed a Soldier Plate Carrier System. It features a quick-release system for easy removal. body_armour_product
  3. Groin Protector :-  The new protection for groin will replace two current protective items: an undergarment and an over-garment.
  4. Hard Armour Panels :- Hard Shell developing new inserts that are coming  in at about 7 percent lighter than their current protection equivalents. The options provide modularity in strength and weight for different missions and fit for different bodies.
  5. Helmets : Head Protection gear :- Our lightweight helmet provide protection against rifle threats and improved impact/blast protection over the current helmet at a slightly lighter weight. It should also be modular for possible add-ons like night vision, eye and jaw protection and an additional layer of armor for even more blast/ballistic resistance, among other attachments.

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