Deterring the ballistic threats of diverse intensity in a variety of combat environments is quite a challenge. This has instigated the experts, working in the direction of discovering effective ballistics deterrence concepts, to find new ways of providing adequate protection to the combat units in various military and civilian settings.

Today, the concept of ballistic deterrence is facing new challenges, with the combat threats manifesting themselves in various forms: projectiles, bullets, knife stabs and slashes; shrapnel’s; and fragments. This makes it imperative for the people, with instrumental roles in the development of the new protective clothing’s and gear, like Bullet Proof Vests, etc. to find new tricks of overcoming the situations created by changing combat perspectives.

As said popularly, a personnel adequately dressed to face the heat of the situation can work more effectively and deliver optimum results in the form of mission success, planned and implemented with diverse objectives. Most commonly, you would actually not see much of a difference in various ballistic deterrent  or  Resistant Vests, but there is a great difference in the construction and the outlook of each of the types of gear being used today.

Nowadays, the protective gear worn by the combat units and personnel is not the same, as used in the past, at the start of second half of 20th century. It has primarily changed shapes, appearance and hence the application also. Today, it would be more convenient to term the protective clothing as Bullet Resistant Vest rather than the bulletproof gear. The new term implies that the gear is capable of deterring all kinds of threats in various combat settings.

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